Certified Pool Trainers of Iowa & Minnesota

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IOWA CPO Certification Classes 2018
                  Rock Rapids  July 24-25

Price $350
Pool Managers
Facility Engineers
Club Managers
Hotel and Motel Engineering Staff
Housekeeping Staff
Seasonal Aquatic Staff
Recreation Facility Managers
Public Health Department Sanitarians
Heath and Fitness Centers Personal

 The state of Iowa requires certification every 5 years for your CPO license to remain valid.  This course fulfills that.

10 CEU hours are required in order to be recertified, plus retaking the full class to recertify.



Registration Form for CPO Certification Class

Certified Pool Trainers of Iowa & Minnesota

To complete the registration process, fill out this form, call in student's name first, then fax or e-mail form

 (One registration form per person)


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 Registration is not complete until you call in student's name to  877-819-8952 and payment is made.

Please make checks out to: Certified Pool Trainers

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