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Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification

SOUTH DAKOTA CPO Certification Classes 2019

2019 South Dakota Classes




Northeastern SD
Western SD
Eastern SD
Eastern SD
Eastern SD
Southeastern SD

Rapid City
Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls

March 21-22
April 23-24
April 1-2
May 7-8
Sept 17-18
October 22-23

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 Book included, also a supplemental pool math workbook


John Szymanski is the primary instructor on all CPO� Certification classes conducted by Certified Pool Trainers of Iowa & Minnesota�.  He has thirty plus years experience in pool operations and chemical treatment of water.

“I enjoy teaching CPO Certification classes, watching the smiles when the operator finally understands exactly what causes a particular problem and how that problem can be easily solved.  I feel my job as CPOinstructor is to take the complex and make it easy to understand.  I will teach you that it not necessary to know it all, but to know where the answers can be found.”    John Szymanski 
We are proud to present the National Certified Pool Operator Certification Course.
This course is required by the states of Minnesota & Iowa.

Is your CPO certification up to date?   South Dakota requires certification every 5 years for your
CPO license to remain valid.  This course fulfills that.


This certification is required by the States of Minnesota & Iowa. Renew every 5 Years.
Good training can result in the efficient operation of your facility, saving thousands of budget dollars.
States and municipalities are constantly editing and/or revising their pool/spa operating codes; pool operators are expected to know this information.
Older pools are less efficient, creating a challenge for skilled operators to maintain and operate with limited funds and resources.
New pools with unique design features require specialized operation and maintenance practices.
Rapid advances in technology require the constant updating of operator knowledge and skill.  
Pool Managers
Facility Engineers
Club Managers
Hotel and Motel Engineering Staff
Housekeeping Staff
Seasonal Aquatic Staff
Recreation Facility Managers
Public Health Department Sanitarians
Heath and Fitness Centers Personal


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Certified Pool Trainers of Iowa & Minnesota

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 Registration is not complete until you call in student's name to  877-819-8952 and payment is made.

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